Clientes esporádicos o fugases pueden hundir tu barco

Once upon a time there was a coffee shop called "El Rincón de las Tazas" that had few customers and was struggling to stay afloat. The owner, Juan, was desperate to find a solution to his problem. One day, while reading an article about how loyalty programs could help increase sales and customer loyalty, she realized that this might be the solution she was looking for.

Juan decided to investigate and discovered, a loyalty program service for small businesses. He registered his business and chose a payment plan. Then, he easily set up his loyalty program and although he was able to use his cell phone, he decided to use it on a tablet in the store. Juan decided to give his customers points for every purchase they make and offer personalized rewards, such as discounts on his coffee or free products.

The program was easy to use and did not require a QR code or loyalty cards. Customers only had to register their details to participate. Juan worked with his team to ensure that all his staff understood the importance of the loyalty program to the business and taught how to promote it. Together, they balanced point allocation so customers could quickly accumulate points and redeem worthwhile rewards.

To promote the loyalty program, John used several strategies. For one thing, he put up posters and flyers in his business to make it visible. On the other hand, he created a website and a social media account to make the program known to a wider audience.

One day, a customer named Luis sat at the table and ordered a coffee. The waiter, Carlos, asked him if he wanted to join the store's loyalty program. Luis was a little skeptical, but Carlos explained how it worked and how he could accumulate points and redeem them for rewards, such as discounts and free products from the business. Luis signed up for the program and began to accumulate points every time he visited the cafeteria.

Luis was so impressed with the loyalty program and the personalized attention he received from Juan and his team, that he became a loyal customer and began recommending "El Rincón de las Tazas" coffee to his friends and family. Other customers also joined the program and started collecting points and redeeming them for rewards. Juan saw sales increase and customers return again and again to his store.

The loyalty program improved the relationship between the customer and the business by giving them a reason to return and rewarding them for their loyalty. Customers felt valued and appreciated, which increased their engagement with the business.

Over time, "El Rincón de las Tazas" got out of trouble and became a hit in the community. All thanks to the '' loyalty program that Juan purchased and installed on a tablet.

Although Juan decided to use a tablet for his loyalty program to interact with his client, he could also have used it from a cell phone. From this device, the program allows you to assign points just as you would from a tablet, but you also have the option of assigning them Through a QR code, where the customer just scans it, the points will be awarded to his account.

Clientes esporádicos o fugases pueden hundir tu barco

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An example of Rewards

Redemption Rewards:

5 points✓ Free Travel Mug
✓ Pack of cookies
✓ A free cup of coffee
10 points✓ A 10% discount on your purchase
✓ A free muffin
✓ A free croissant
15 points✓ A free slice of cake
✓ A free cold drink (such as a shake or smoothie)
✓ A 15% discount on your purchase
20 points✓ A free sandwich
✓ A free cup of coffee and muffin
✓ A 20% discount on your purchase

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