Clientes esporádicos o fugases pueden hundir tu barco

A few years ago, a small beauty salon called "Natural Beauty" was having a difficult time. Customers were getting scarce and the business was in danger of going out of business. The owner, Ana, was desperate looking for a solution to save her business. One day, the owner of the salon, Ana, disarmed about loyalty programs and discovered Zoomlike. Ana thought that a loyalty program could be the key to retaining her existing customers and attracting new ones.

Ana decided to try the '' Loyalty Program and installed it on a tablet at the reception desk, registered her business and chose a payment plan and set up her loyalty program on the tablet. The program worked in such a way that customers only had to register their details to participate. No QR code or loyalty card needed, making the process very easy.

Ana made sure that her staff understood the importance of the loyalty program to the business. He taught them how to promote it to customers and showed them how customers could accumulate points over time and redeem them for rewards that were in-house products.

Ana decided to use a loyalty program in which clients would accumulate points for each service they contracted. To create an attractive loyalty program, Ana took into account the most popular services in her salon and decided to offer specific rewards for them. In addition, Ana ensured that points were accumulated in a balanced way so that customers could redeem valuable rewards in a reasonable amount of time.

Ana also promoted her loyalty program inside and outside the business, placing signs at the entrance and at work stations, as well as in social networks. He also gave his clients a brochure with details about the program and how to participate.

One day, a new client named Marta, entered the salon. The receptionist welcomed her and explained about the loyalty program. Marta registered in the program and began to accumulate points with each service she contracted. Over time, Marta redeemed her points for a free beauty treatment and became a regular customer of the salon.

Little by little, the loyalty program began to pay off. More clients were returning to the salon and referring their friends. The relationship between staff and customers became closer and engagement with the business increased.

Thanks to the '' loyalty program, Natural Beauty managed to get out of trouble and became one of the most popular salons in the city. Ana was grateful to have found this solution and was excited to see her business continue to grow.

Clientes esporádicos o fugases pueden hundir tu barco

Although Ana decided to use a tablet for her loyalty program to interact with her customer, she could also have used it from a cell phone. From this device, the program allows you to assign points just as you would from a tablet, but you also have the option of assigning them Through a QR code, where the customer just scans it, the points will be awarded to his account.

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An example of Rewards

Redemption Rewards:

5 points✓ A free comb
✓ A free shampoo
✓ A free conditioner
10 points✓ A free haircut
✓ A free manicure
✓ A free pedicure
15 points✓ A free hydration treatment
✓ A free color treatment
✓ A free keratin treatment
20 points✓ A free massage session
✓ A free facial
✓ A free eyelash extension service.

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