Clientes esporádicos o fugases pueden hundir tu barco

Once upon a time there was a small family home cooking restaurant called "La Cocina de la Abuela", which had been a success for years, but lately had seen a decline in its number of regular customers. The owner, Juan, was worried and didn't know how to fix it. One day, while sitting in his nearly empty restaurant, an idea occurred to him: Why not have a loyalty program to attract and retain your customers?

John researched different options and finally decided to purchase a tablet and the '' loyalty program software. He registered his business and chose a payment plan. Then, he easily set up his loyalty program and although he was able to use his cell phone, he decided to use it on the tablet he purchased for the restaurant. Juan chose the loyalty program that grants points for each purchase made by the customer.

The software was easy to use and did not require the use of QR codes or loyalty cards, which was perfect for their business. All customers had to do was enter their data on the tablet at the time of placing their order and they would already be participating in the program.

Before implementing the program, Juan made sure that his staff understood the importance of the loyalty program to the business and How should they promote it to customers? He taught them how to enroll customers in the program and how to help them accumulate points over time. With his team, they established a balance in the allocation of points so that customers could accumulate points quickly and redeem worthwhile rewards.

To promote the loyalty program, Juan created flyers and posters to put in the restaurant's windows and on neighborhood bulletin boards . He also talked to regular customers and gave them a little incentive to promote it to their friends and family.

One day a new customer named Luis sat down at a table and ordered his food. The waiter, Eduardo, came up to him and said: "Hello, welcome to La Cocina de la Abuela! Would you like to join our loyalty program? It's very easy, you just have to register your details on this tablet and you will start earn points with each purchase. Luis was interested and signed up for the program.

Over time, Luis became a regular customer and began to accumulate points. After several visits, Eduardo approached him and said, "Luis, I see you've accumulated enough points to redeem for one of our products! What would you like to get as a reward?" Luis chose a homemade cake and was very excited to try it.

The "La Cocina de la Abuela" loyalty program began to have a positive impact on the business. Customers like Luis felt valued and appreciated, which enhanced their restaurant experience. In addition, the '' Loyalty program helped to attract and retain customers, which allowed Juan to get out of the problem of declining number of regular customers.

Although Juan decided to use a tablet for his loyalty program to interact with his client, he could also have used it from a cell phone. From this device, the program allows you to assign points just as you would from a tablet, but you also have the option of assigning them Through a QR code, where the customer just scans it, the points will be awarded to his account.

Clientes esporádicos o fugases pueden hundir tu barco

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An example of Rewards

Redemption Rewards:

8 points✓ A 10% discount on your purchase
✓ One free drink
✓ One Free Homemade Side Slice of the Day
12 points✓ A 15% discount on your purchase
✓ A Free Slice of Grandma's Dessert
✓ One free meal (dish of the day)
16 points✓ A 25% discount on your purchase
✓ A cup from the restaurant
✓ A free full meal (De la carte)

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